Kiara Sky FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open a Trade Account?



Register your details on the register tab on the home page or send us an email at sales@kiarasky.ie and we will contact you


When will my order be processed? 
Orders received before 1am will be despatched by courier same day.


What payment methods do you take?
We currently accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal  . 


Do you charge for delivery


Purchases for €69 and over are free. For smaller transactions we have a €10 delivery charge, this is added to your bill at checkout.


Why are prices lower on the US kiarasky.com website?


These prices do not include vat. If you order from this site you will have to pay the Vat when the courier delivers these products to you. This is an extra 23 % . The irish kiarasky.ie site is ultimately the lower purchase price.

Do Kiara Sky Gels shrink or bubble up?
Of course not! The reason why many nail techs prefer our gel is because it does not shrink or bubble up when applied. We don’t mess around when it comes to quality products.


Why did my polish get clumpy even though I closed it correctly?
We know, this is like the ultimate tragedy and we are sorry you have had to experience it! Polish is heat and light sensitive, so if it’s exposed to undesirable temperatures there is a possibility that this could happen. If you love our product as much as we do keep it safe from clumping.

Is your products cruelty free?
Yes, our products are cruelty free. We believe in beauty without cruelty.

Is there a poster that I can use at my salon?
A poster would look fabulous in your salon let us know and we will send you one for a small fee.

 Dip Powder FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the nails not shiny?
It’s very important to follow each step carefully or final result will come out looking more matte than shiny. After a client washes their hands, add another coat of Seal Protect then two layers of Dip Top. It’s very important that the first layer of Dip Top is allowed to completely dry before the second layer.

Is this acrylic or a gel?
Our dip powders do have a small percentage of acrylates, which is a main ingredient in acrylic powders. However our powders have added vitamins and calcium and are much finer than traditional acrylic. You also uses a series of glazes rather than monomer for application. The reason it’s in such high demand is because you get the acrylic look, but without the damage to the nail or the heavy feel.

How many sets can be done from each 1oz bottle of dip powder?
There are 10-20 sets, depending on the length of the nail and how much product is being used. That is why you should treat yourself and purchase more than one… just sayin.

How do I apply dip powder?
You can find our Dip Powder tutorials at www.kiarasky.ie/learn, check it out!

TRADE SITE ONLY Warning!! If you purchase from our US site you will have to pay vat and taxes when the products are delivered.